Saturday 21 October 2023

Thursday October 12th - Winter project.

 With the recent discovery that all is not well with my current Triumph engine, I have taken the decision to build myself another one. The engine that is in the car at present has now been in three cars since I've owned it and it's been twelve long years since it's been re-built properly. It's also been bored out to 2600cc and has a recessed block which means its very expensive having custom built head gaskets made. So for that reason I've decided to go back to a standard 2.5 Pi engine. 

Luckily, someone I know was selling the very engine I was looking for, but unfortunately it will need freeing off as it's completely seized. The fact that it was seized made the purchase price very cheap, so that was a bonus.

So, now that the car shows and breakfast meets are winding down for the winter, this will give me something to occupy my time in the cold Saturday mornings to come. 

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