Monday 23 October 2023

Sunday October 22nd - Engine work.

 I had a few hours to kill this morning before going to my sisters in London for lunch, so I decided to make a start on removing the pistons from the seized 2.5 engine that I'd recently purchased. This engine has been seized since about 1986, so I was already resigned to the fact that I would probably have to destroy the pistons to get them out, but as long as I didn't damage the bores or the crankshaft, I'd be happy. 

My method this morning was a 4lb club hammer and a long metal bar. After about 15 minutes of sheer brute force I'd managed to get the first piston out. I did indeed destroy the piston and on removal I found that the pistons rings had welded themselves to the piston. This engine had seriously overheated prior to seizing!

With this piston out I then tried to rotate the crankshaft and to my surprise it turned and unseated itself. This meant I was now able to get to the  the last two big end caps and get them unbolted and lift the crankshaft out of the engine. I was really pleased with this as it would now be a lot easier to knock the pistons out of the cylinders without the crankshaft being in the way. 

By the time I had done this, time had caught up with me and it was time to leave for London, but I was at least able to go to my sisters pleased with my mornings work. 

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