Monday, 21 June 2010

Some work done at last!

After weeks of doing absolutely nothing due to losing motivation, I finally booted myself up the arse and made myself get out in the garden and work on the rally car.

My co-driver and I are entered in the Club Triumph Autosolo event at Bovindon airfield on July 18th. The event will consist of thrashing the car round a load of traffic cones in the quickest time, so a small suspension upgrade was called for.

Early Mk2 saloons such as mine weren't fitted with an anti-roll bar. So, with the parts raided from 'Ugly Pig' (Now scrapped) I set about fitting them. To fit the anti-roll bar, the front cross member has to be changed too and the link arms that bolt through the chassis. It was a pretty straight forward job with nothing going wrong, (Unusual) nothing breaking, (even more unusual) and completed in record time. (Bloody unheard of!)
I already have two other cars in the garage, so I had to do the rally car outside. The timing was pretty good really, because just after I had finished the job and put the front wheels back started persistently raining!
All I need to do now is find some motivation to fix the two in the garage!!!!!!