Saturday 21 October 2023

Sunday October 15th - Battlesbridge Breakfast meet.

 The weather looked good for this morning, so I decided to have a little trip out. The Green Cortina was the only choice as the Triumph is currently immobile and the Zetec Cortina is still at Redline Racing. 

I arrived early and had a couple of cups of coffee while waiting for my friends to arrive. Peter Silk came in his Triumph and Keith Halstead came in his Lotus Cortina, but Gavin left his Triumph at home as he didn't fancy the wet fields. 

It was a nice sunny morning and the place soon really filled up. I think because it was the last meet of the season and also because the other breakfast meet at North Weald wasn't on, it really swelled the numbers. 

Once it got to about 11.30, I decided to make a move as I wanted to get a bit more work done on the Triumph. I was a good meet though and I enjoyed the morning out. 

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