Monday 23 October 2023

Saturday October 21st - Running on carburettors.

 This Saturday my only task was to get the Triumph running again on carburettors. I had started the conversion back to carbs last weekend, so hopefully today would see it running. 

The first job was to replace the water pump I had spotted leaking last week. After this I had to reconnect the choke cable and then refit the Huco electric fuel pump. For some reason the pump that was fitted originally decided to retire, so I had to fit the pump that I normally carry as a spare.  

With this done I then had to run a new fuel line underneath the car coming from the fuel tank at the back of the car to the fuel input at the front of the car. 

With this done, I added some petrol and then had a go at starting the car up. To my relief it fired first time and after a bit of adjusting of the distributor it ran well and revved fine. It'll probably need a bit more fine tuning once out on the road, but the main thing is that it's running again. 

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