Monday, 25 January 2021

Mid November- Windscreen Rubber Replacement

Ever since I've had my Pi, water has leaked in around the windscreen whenever it rained. Road trips have been tainted by the constant dripping of water onto my trousers and socks and having to stuff towels onto the parcel shelves in a bid to stop the water reaching the floor pans and rotting them out. This is also the reason I have never had a carpet in the car. 

After taking the car to work one day and watching the floor get wetter and wetter as I drove, I decided I'd finally had enough and resolved to do something about it. So one Saturday afternoon, I cut into the windscreen rubber with a stanley knife and removed the windscreen. My worries about finding rot and holes underneath the rubber were unfounded as the aperture looked all good. 

I then cleaned up all the aperture and the windscreen I'd taken out and fitted the new rubber seal ready for it to go back in. The following Saturday my mate Gavin came round and between us we managed to fit the windscreen at the first attempt. The next hour or so was spent sealing all round the windscreen with Butyl gutter sealant to plug up all the gaps. It's a very messy job, but the excess sealant cleans off easily with white spirit. 

With the screen re-fitted and all the excess sealant cleaned off, a week later, the car was then tested under monsoon like conditions by taking a hosepipe to it and spraying the windscreen from all directions with gallons and gallons of water.  To my immense pleasure, I found that I had no leaks at all. Job done. With this task completed, the car was then taken to a specialist who re-fitted the chrome trim for me. This is a nightmare of a job and I didn't have the know how, or the correct tools to do it. So now the windscreen complete with new rubber is fitted, the chrome trim is back on and it's another job I can cross off my list. Happy.