Saturday, 25 December 2010

T'was Christmas day in the workshop!

Seeing as I had no plans for Christmas this year a schedule was set up to get some serious work done on the cars. The main job that needs doing is to replace a floor pan in the drivers side of the yellow Mk1. Before I could cut the original one out though, I had to get the back door open to be able to gain easier access. (It also needs to be fully functioning for MOT purposes as well)
The rear door has never opened since I bought the car and after removing the door handles, winders and door card, I managed to get it free. It looks like the mechanism is seized, so a replacement from a spare door will be fitted.
The panel required to replace the damaged one in the car is no longer available new, so a good second hand one was cut out of an accident damaged write off. The whole car was cut up into sections, (see above) so the panel I wanted was still attached to the transmission tunnel, sill, chassis rails and floor!
As a result a good chunk of the day was spent drilling, grinding, cutting and more drilling out spot welds and seperating it from the bits I didn't want. (I even managed to burn my drill out doing it!)

Below is the panel that will be going into the Mk1. Roll on Boxing Day!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December 1st 2010. Nothing!

Nothing much happening really. The fluffy white stuff that grinds our country to a halt everytime it falls, has stopped me from going to Hertfordshire to cut a floor out of a scrap car, stopped new tyres being delivered for my BMW and stopped me from going to see my best mate in Grimsby this weekend! Bummer! :-(