Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fire! Fire!

This is part of the melted wiring loom after the 'behind the dashboard' fire recently. I hate wiring at the best of times (Because I'm shite at it) so the prospect of changing the loom is one I'm not looking forward to!

This is my mate and co-driver for 'RadSpeed Racing' Dave Saunders. We've known each other since our school days and our sense of humour together hasn't developed much further than that. 

Dave covers the navigating on the short Rallies (Because he's better than me at it!-I'm about as good at navigating as I am at predicting the Spurs results!) and the co-driver on the long runs. He tends to do the straight bits of road and he's not as lunatic as me on the bendy bits!

About the Blog!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. RadSpeed Racing is about competing in Club Triumph and other club competitions with a very low budget (very low actually!)

I have currently have four Triumphs, although one is being stripped for spares and most of the others have work on going. (In fact, only one is drivable at the moment!)

The main competition car is a 1971 standard triumph 2000. It does have the advantage of uprated and lowered springs, gas shocks on the rear, Rover 600 Recaro seats, Minilite wheels and a strut brace! Other modifications will follow as soon as funds and time allow.

Other cars;

1970 Mk2 Triumph 2500 Estate: Was my everyday car until Christmas 2009 when the engine seized up on the way home from the Essex Area Club Triumph Xmas meal! Currently sitting in the garage minus its engine and gearbox and awaiting replacement. I'm taking the opportunity to convert it to Manual overdrive while I'm at it. (It was automatic)

1972 Mk2 Triumph 2500 Estate: Is now my every day car after the competition car caught fire behind the dashboard driving home from work one night!
I collected this estate recently from near Salisbury one night only for it to breakdown at 10.50pm on the way home! By the time I was recovered home by the AA it was 5am Friday morning! I changed the distributor on the Friday after work, then promptly took it on the Club Triumph historic counties run, where it covered close on a 1000 miles without fault. Faith restored!