Tuesday, 27 January 2015

January 24th 2015. What colour Pi would you like?

I have to be honest, I've not much to report on the work front what with Christmas and freezing cold weather getting in the way. Oh!, and the National Grid replacing a gas main outside my house and digging a large hole across my drive and stopping me from getting cars in or out of my garage or even allowing me to park on my own driveway!
The weekend that they did this I decided to take a run up to the Heritage Centre for the HRCR (Historic Rally Car Register) open day. It was a good day out despite getting battered by the strong winds on the way up there and having to divert across to the M1 on the way back due to an accident on the M40.
There was some nice cars up there and I was lucky enough to purchase Bill Price's book 'The BMC/BL competitions department'. The lady who's stall I bought it from said to me 'If you turn round and ask that man standing behind you nicely, he might even sign it for you'. So, Bill Price's autograph was duly obtained for the inside cover. (Well, you never know it could double the price in years to come!)  :)
Some cars from the HRCR open day....

With regards to the Pi, all I've really managed to do is repair the driver side B post and start fitting the replacement panels that I bought for her, although for some reason the off side rear door doesn't seem want to line up properly no matter how much adjustment you make on it! Colin Wake has got another one I can try, so hopefully that one will be better. The front passenger door was a better fit and the bonnet and bootlid fit ok too. (The bootlid still needs a bit more lining up when time permits)
The repaired drivers door looked good when I collected it, but now fitted to the car isn't that clever. So I am on the search for either another door, or replacement skin. 
So, with all of it's new panels the Pi is now looking somewhat Multi-Coloured! Progress is slow, but it's getting there.