Sunday, 16 May 2010

Goodbye Ugly Pig! :-(

Saturday morning saw me saying goodbye to my Triumph Mk1 estate affectionately known as 'Ugly Pig'. (The front part of the number plate was UGP)
Due to severe corrosion, it was stripped for spares and the remainder sent for scrap.
It was a real shame because these cars are becoming quite rare now, but this was sadly beyond economical repair.
It did yield plenty of useful parts though including: Engine, gearbox, differential, power steering, anti-roll bar, PI Clocks, PI 2-speed wiper system, 2 rear doors, interior, petrol tank, two good bumpers, tow bar and five good wheels and tyres.

I was still sorry to see it go though. I was planning to do the Club Triumph round Britain run in this car until I started finding out just how rotten it was underneath! Still, there's now a space in the garage for another Mk1 to go in . Shall I start looking??????? :-)

16/5/10. Green Mk2 estate almost done!

The engine and manual gearbox are now in place in the Green estate. In fact, if I'm honest, they have been for a few weeks now, but due to a combination of extra work shifts, other cars, illness and just general idleness, I haven't got any further.
I have a quiet week planned this week, so a couple of hours work a night should see it running by the end of week.
Its only been in the garage since the weekend after Easter, but it's amazing how much dust has settled on it in that time!
I very nearly pushed it out of the garage and washed it yesterday, but never quite got there! Must get motivated!!!!!

The Rally Car's alive!!!!

After the fire behind the dashboard, the wiring loom has now been changed. My co-driver and I also spent another week or so of trying to figure out why the overdrive wouldn't work! Everything else works properly (well almost! The temperature gauge reads permanently in the red and according to the speedo, we are doing warp factor 9 down side streets!)
The overdrive problem turned out to be where it had been connected the wrong way round at the gearbox end by the previous owner! Once this has been resolved, we were back to our 'six gears' instead of four!
Three good doors have also been fitted to replace the ones that were seriously rotten, so I'm just on the look out now for a nearside front one to complete the set. The cars still needs some other TLC to tidy it up bit, but then seeing as there's also a high chance that this car will end up disappearing through a hedge backwards at high speed at some point on the rallies anyway, so why have it in concourse condition ??? :-)