Sunday, 24 July 2022

Saturday 23rd July. Gearbox leak investigations.

 I'd said to a mate of mine on the phone on Friday night that I was fed up with working on cars and was going to have some time away from them and just do nothing all weekend! So why did Saturday morning begin with me laying underneath the Cortina saloon. (There's a surprise! I think I've been under this bloody thing more than I've sat in it!) 

Anyway, with a powerful torch I managed to find where the leak was coming from. It was, as I feared coming from the front of the gearbox which meant that the gearbox would have to come out. There's no time like the present, and within two hours, the gearbox was out and on the floor. (So much for doing nothing all weekend!)

Once more, I discovered more 'previous owner' bodges such as different size bolts in the bellhousing and the propshaft seems a bit short to me as well, but I will have to speak to Ford specialists about this. It could be normal.

After removing the gearbox and the bellhousing I've discovered the source of the leak and will now set about purchasing a seal and gasket kit. Hopefully I should be able to get these this week and re-fit the gearbox next weekend. I also found the tiny breather hole in the top casing blocked as well which was what probably caused the seal the blow. (Internal pressure)

Once this is done I'll then make a decision whether I take this one or the estate to the Cortina Mk1 Owners Club national day in August. I'm hoping to take the saloon as the five speed gearbox makes it a lot easier on the motorways, but we'll see. I know one thing though. I found removing the gearbox on this Cortina a lot bloody easier than on a Triumph! Lots more room in the engine bay and no need to remove the exhaust either! 

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