Sunday, 24 July 2022

Friday July 22nd. A trip to Frating, Essex.

 Friday morning involved a very early start for me, leaving home around 5.45am. Todays mission was to sort out the dreadful electrics on the Cortina saloon. Ever since I've had this car I've discovered various things not working, disconnected or just in a general mess!

Good friend Colin Wake is a bit of a dab hand with electrics, so he was tasked with having a look and trying to solve. A list of issues included: Dashboard lights, Ammeter, temperature gauge all not working and rewiring the clock which had been wired to an ignition live so that it stops when you turn the engine off!  

I had a good run up the A12 and arrived at Colin's around 7am. The coffee was already on and after a brief chat we got started on the car. We managed to find some horrific bodges that were just a fire waiting to happen.

The worst bodge was where the ammeter had been inserted into the wiring. This was just downright dangerous. Slowly but surely Colin worked his way through the car and soldered all joints and made good all the poor wiring. We managed to get done by early afternoon and I had another good run back, although I had to go to work. On finishing work that night I discovered a small patch of oil underneath the car which smelt like gearbox oil. I had spotted this the week before but just put it down to where I had overfilled the steering box. (Which also uses gear oil) The car was driven straight into the garage once home where investigations will begin to find where the leak is. 

(My car matches Colin's garage doors!) 

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