Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Sunday 10th July - A visit from Mr Maton

 Sunday morning started early with a trip to the cafe to meet good friend Dave Maton. After a rather splendid breakfast we returned to my house where Dave was going to have a look at the wiring in my Cortina Mk1 saloon. 

Soon after acquiring the car I discovered that the wiring was quite a mess and also a lot of things had been disconnected, or just wasn't working (Cigarette lighter, temperature gauge, dashboard lights, etc) So Dave got stuck into the wiring while I attended to other jobs. 

The wiring was a real mess and for some reason whenever we tried to get the panel lights working, the rev counter would spin round and back again. (which obviously it shouldn't do) After  trying several different fixes, no matter what we did, we couldn't figure it out. So, we called it a day and had to leave it for another time. I think I need to find a good auto electrician who has old car experience. The day wasn't a total loss though because Dave is good company and we don't often get time to spend together, so we managed to have a good catch up and a laugh as well. 

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