Sunday, 3 July 2022

Friday 1st July. A trouble free day

 Due to a few charging issues with the alternator, the Cortina saloon hadn't been anywhere lately. I had also been making a list of other things I wasn't happy with since I'd bought the car. The windscreen washers weren't working, so these were repaired, but I couldn't really tackle the other jobs until the garage was vacant. I also decided to 'de-sticker' it and get in back to its original Goodwood Green look. 

With the car now driveable and the weather being good, I decided to take it to work. It ran very well and I really enjoyed the drive.  The Sierra five speed gearbox lets it cruise easily at 70mph without the engine feeling stressed or rushed. I need to get the remaining jobs done so I can use this car more, because it great to drive! 

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