Sunday 12 November 2023

Thursday November 9th - New distributor

 With the weather getting colder I haven't been so keen to get out in the garage so much lately. Also, there hasn't been much to do to the cars to be honest. The car shows and breakfast meets have stopped as well, and the classic car season has well and truly wound down. 

However, this particular morning, I decided to fit my refurbished distributor which had arrived the day before. I'm still not sure about the reliability of my 123 distributor, so I had a Pi distributor rebuilt specifically to my engine spec. 

The fitting didn't take long, but I struggled to set the timing with my strobe light as the sun was very bright and I couldn't see the white flashing light. So I decided to take the car to work try again in our shaded  warehouse once I had finished work. 
With the timing set more accurately the car is now better to drive and no longer feels like it's going tp break down every five minutes. Hopefully, that will be another issue resolved. 


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