Sunday, 29 May 2022

Saturday 21st May. Finishing touches to Gertie2

The gearbox and differential for Gertie2 had been stripped and rebuilt and collected a few weeks back, so I had refitted the diff myself and Gavin had come round the previous Saturday to help me re-fit the gearbox. (it's too heavy to do on my own)

Once the gearbox and diff were completed I then started on a brake upgrade. This car will be used on the Club Triumph 10 Countries Rally in September and we will be visiting a lot of alpine passes, so a decent braking system will be required. With this in mind I obtained a pair of Triumph Stag callipers and a brand new pair of Stag brake discs. I then rebuilt the callipers with new pistons and rubbers and set to work fitting them. I had a bit of trouble bleeding them, so had to wait until Tuesday morning when Gavin was free and came round and helped me. after a few false starts we then managed to get the last bit of air out of the system and finally had a decent brake pedal. 

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