Sunday, 29 May 2022

Friday 27th May. A new addition to the fleet.

 I've been involved with Triumphs for 13 years now and I have to confess to feeling lately that things have felt a bit 'samey'. Going to the same shows, seeing the same cars, meeting the same people. (Not that there's anything wrong with the people-far from it!)

So, I had starting looking at something else to peak my interest. A car that I have always loved since I was a small child was a Cortina Mk1. My Dad had had a 2 door GT that I remember losing a wheel and forcing us into a ditch. (Funny the things that stick in your head when you're a kid!) 

Anyway, a few popped up on ebay and I went to look at a 2 door in Burnham on Crouch. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a full scale project that didn't even roll because the brakes were seized on. It wasn't as advertised so I walked away. 

I spent a few weeks scouring ebay and FB market place, but most were just total wrecks or stupidly overpriced. Then, one came up for sale on the Thursday night which I thought was a very good price and it was also fairly local. I knew that a car like this wouldn't hang around for long, so I made arrangements to go and view it that night after work. In fact, by the time I got over there, the seller had had 49 messages about it and one bloke from Wales had wanted to leave a deposit on it without even seeing it and wanted to collect it the next day!

So, after viewing the car and doing a deal which included delivery, the car was dropped off at mine Friday morning before I went to work. I've still got a few jobs to do on the Triumphs, so the Cortina will have to be put to one side for the time being until I can find time for it. I'm very pleased with my purchase though and can't wait to get my teeth into it. (It's not a Lotus by the way!) 

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