Saturday 6 January 2024

Wednesday January 3rd - Another Rolling road session!

 Since fitting the new Weber carb on the Green Cortina I'd been meaning to arrange a rolling road session just make sure that the car is running as it should. So, I rang Atspeed Racing in early December and got booked in and put on their waiting list. (very popular this place)

My booking date was January 3rd, so after moving cars around I got the Cortina out and had a leisurely drive down to them. 

I left it with them and walked back home and then went to work. Later that afternoon they rang me to say my car was done and ready for collection. They said all it need was a different Idle jet and an accelerator pump jet. The carburettor was brand new, but carburettors ideally need to be tuned to suit your engine. Just bolting on a brand new carb wont always cure your issues. 

I collected the car next day and as usual, they had done a great job and the car now runs smoother and feels quicker. Another job off the list and a good start to the year! 

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