Tuesday 27 February 2024

Saturday 20th January. Washer bottle electrics

 Since my Zetec Cortina had come back from Redline Racing, my windscreen washers hadn't worked. So Saturday morning, Gavin and I started going through the process of finding out why. 

We first suspected a faulty flick switch, but this turned out to be working fine. The washer motor itself was next on the agenda, but again that also turned out to be fine. There's a lot of wiring that I'm not happy with on this car and the wiring for the washers just disappears into the loom and goes God knows where just like most of the other things electrical. 

With this in mind I decided to create a new loom for the washers and just start from scratch. With this in place and all connected up the washers started working as they should. While I was running the new loom, I delved behind the passenger side glove box and found the wiring for the washers. I also discovered the real reason the washers had stopped working. Redline Racing had lopped off the live wire for the washers and used it for something else! Not impressed!!!

Despite discovering this, I continued to run the new loom as it would look a lot tidier and neater anyway. This was also the first day I had worked in the garage with the new diesel heater running. I have to say its turned to be a good investment. I mean, it wasn't T-shirt weather in there, but we certainly never felt cold. All in all, a successful day. 

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