Saturday 6 January 2024

Thursday December 21st. An early Christmas present-for me, from me!

 I hadn't been looking to replace my every day car, the trusty Renault Clio, but a car came up for sale at a very good price and looked a very good option for me. There's nothing seriously wrong with the Clio, but it is getting on now and has also covered over 200,000 miles! 

The car in question was a Peugeot 308 Diesel 1.6 HDI estate. It's been very well looked after and drove very nicely on the test drive. It has lots of creature comforts that the Clio doesn't have, built in satnav, automatic handbrake, separate driver and passenger heating controls, air conditioning, digital radio, cruise control and even a speed limiter! (That will come in handy on that bloody A127) etc. It also has a 6 speed gearbox which makes it very economical. 

So, I'm very pleased with my new purchase and think I've got a good deal.  One of the things that used to bug me about the Clio was that the AM band on the stereo never worked, so I could never listen to the footy. The new Peugeot has a digital radio and an AM band as well, so my footy days are restored!
I will soon be doing a couple of small jobs on the Clio and then putting it up for sale. It's been a good servant, and been very reliable, but I'm afraid it's time for it to move on. 

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