Sunday, 27 March 2022

March 26th. A full day in the garage.

 I decided to do something about the exhaust rattle on my Mk2 before next weekends overnight journey. When I was underneath the car a few weeks back I noticed that it didn't have the correct exhaust mount where the exhaust goes through the rear cross beam. Well to be more precise, it didn't have one at all!

So, this was purchased (See above) and promptly fitted. This isn't as easy as it sounds as I had to remove the back box and the link piece that goes over the axle before I could get it where it needs to be. 

Once fitted I then started the car up and found that the exhaust was blowing. (Grrrr!) But after a few minor adjustments the exhaust was corrected and the blowing had ceased. Another job off the list then.

I then decided to remove the gearbox from the Blue Mk1. I've had a annoying bearing rumble on the run down on this car for some time and seeing as this is my chariot of choice for the upcoming 10 countries in 5 days rally in September, I thought it I'd get it sorted out before taking on such a mammoth journey. After a few hours the gearbox was out and sitting in the back of my Renault Clio waiting to go to the gearbox specialist.

I rang him later that night, but to my disappointment, he cant do it for a month. I was kicking myself as I should have rang him first to check. It doesn't really matter as I don't really need the car, I'm just annoyed with myself that I never checked with him first. I now have the car up on axle stands for a month taking up garage space. Let's hope I don't need the workshop for repairs to the other cars!

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