Saturday, 16 October 2021

Wednesday 13th October - A new arrival

 It was an odd thing. We were in the hotel bar after the RBRR and I  said to my friends Richard and Dave, 'I think a few cars have been purchased just to do this event only and will be up for sale soon. And I suspect that Rusty Custard will be one of them'. Now Rusty Custard was the name given to a Saffron Yellow Mk2 that was on the run that was being driven by three Morris Marina enthusiasts. It had had a fair bit of money spent on it prior to the event and was rewarded with a successful completion. 

I had a quick look on my phone that night at facebook when I went to bed and sure enough, there was an advert for Rusty Custard. It was up for sale. Uncanny! I used to run Mk2 triumph saloons and still quite like them. In fact I'd been yearning for one for some time now and I could resist the urge no longer, so I sent the seller a message and went to sleep. The following morning I received a reply and arrangements were made to view the car. We were still at our hotel in Knebworth and they were staying at a Premier Inn in Stevenage about 6 minutes away. That was handy! 

The viewing went well and a price was agreed including delivery to my house in ten days time. So, Wednesday 13th arrived and the car was delivered as promised. I didn't get much of a chance to look over it as I had to go to work, but the following day I removed the MGB Rostyle wheels that were on it and put on a set of more period alloys. After a quick check over I decided to take the car to work. 

The 2.5 engine is very quick and pulls well. I dont know what camshaft is in it, but it certainly doesn't seem standard. It's also smooth and quiet and is a very nice car to drive. There's a few more changes I'll be making to it, but nothing too drastic. I quite like it as it is. 

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