Saturday 8 June 2024

Sunday 2nd June - Little Easton Breakfast Meet

 With promises of more glorious sunshine, Gavin and I decided to have a drive up to Great Dunmow for the Little Easton Manor breakfast meet. We met at around 09.30 and had another lovely drive up through some great driving roads and arrived just after 10am. 

Good friend Andy Wharton was there as well in his BMW 840i. Andy has a vast collection of classic cars including my old Ford Consul GT which I sold him back in 2009. His collection also includes a Volvo 144i, a Hillman Super Minx, an Austin A35, a stretch limousine Bentley and various Mk1 & Mk2 Ford Granada's. (He's probably got others that I don't know about as well!)

Little Easton Manor is a beautiful location and a very pleasant place to visit, especially when the sun is shining. The only downside is that to attend you have to make a 'donation' of £5, which isn't a problem as it was for charity, but then they also ban you from bringing your own food and drink in which I think is a bit much. We've noticed more and more of these shows and meets have started to charge exhibitors entry fees lately. Us exhibitors have already got a massive cost of keeping these old cars on the road as well as the petrol to get to these shows. These breakfast meets and car shows need to realise that without us classic car owners, they haven't got a show anyway, because without us, there would be nothing for the public to look at. 

Anyway, I had to leave at 12.45 as I had to drive to Enfield to attend my Nephew's 30th birthday Barbeque. I went straight from Little Easton as it seemed a good reason to get some more mileage on my new engine, and by the time I got home, I had added another 100 miles, bringing it to 160 in total. However, when putting it away, I also discovered an oil leak, so investigation will be needed before its next journey.

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