Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sunday 31st July. A much better day!

Rather than just work on cars on both days every weekend, I've decided to get out a bit and start using them. I had been invited to take part in a classic car rally that started in Battlesbridge and finished near Halsted. My mate Paul had nothing to do and so came along for the ride. A spot was reserved at the end location for us and we spent a good couple of hours just ambling around and chatting and laughing with the owners of the other cars. The sun was bright and the day was warm too so everybody had the feel good factor.
After we finished here I took the short drive over to my friend Colin at Frating. (Or Farting as we call it!) His knowledge of Triumphs is encyclopedic and so I kidnapped him and took him for a test drive in Gertie so he could give me his verdict on the strange noises coming from my engine at high revs.  He and Paul decided that my 'noises' were no more than induction from the new sports exhaust system rather than the rumbling noises I mistook it for. I have to say, the car certainly goes alright and the power seems fine, so maybe I'm worrying unduly. (The car is due to do 10 countries in five days in 5 weeks or so, so I am a tad nervous I have to say!)
Anyway, the run back from Colin's was trouble free and I was even home early enough to finish removing the starter motor from the yellow car. So that can go in for repair tomorrow now and that's another job crossed off the list!

 Gertie looking good in the sunshine!

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