Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday 10th July. Goodbye Rally Car? :-(

Most of this weekend was spent was trying to persuade 'Gertie' to run without a misfire at low revs (She's fine on high revs!) and getting my beloved rally car ready for sale. 
I had tried to cure the misfire last weekend, but decided to give it one more go before it went to a workshop.
Despite re-checking everything that I could on Gertie, she still refused point blank to run properly. Whatever it is that's causing the problem is beyond me now and she is going over to Carlow Engineering on Monday morning. Despite, Gertie being an absolute pain in the ass, I decided to wash her and clean her up anyway. You never know she might appreciate it and start behaving herself! 
 While the washing bucket out was out, the rally car was looking a bit neglected and sorry for herself, so she got the shiny treatment too. She needed to be smartened up ready to be advertised. I feel sad that I have to sell this car, but my real love is for Mk1's. What with buying Gertie recently and already owning the yellow Mk1, plus the estate, (I know the estate is a Mk2, but it's too useful to get rid of!) something had to give, and so reluctantly, the rally car has to go. I wont be giving it away though, so if I don't get the price I want for it, it can sit in the corner of the garden as a back up events car. Being tax exempt, it doesn't cost anything to keep.

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