Sunday, 7 August 2011

Friday 5th August - Starter motor issues resolved.

         After the yellow car embarrassing me in front of my neighbour Liz the other week, I decided to get it looked at. I first dropped in a place opposite where I work, but soon took it back again when they told me the solenoid was knackered. They wanted £136 plus vat to fix it! How much? I can  buy a complete brand new one for £190 plus vat.

           The thing is, the car was still starting 8 times out of 10, so I didn't believe it had a knackered solenoid. If it did, it wouldn't start any of the time. So I found another place in Grays that had a look at it and decided it was a case of dirty contacts. (I'm sure I bought a magazine called that once?) :-) They quoted me a more acceptable price of £70 plus vat, so the deal was agreed. Come Friday night I had a nicely restored starter motor to refit.
         While I had the car up in the air, and remembering being shaken to death over 60mph last Saturday, I decided to remove the propshaft and check out both UJ's. They seemed ok, but I also had a prop laying around that I knew the balance and UJ's on were good, so I fitted that one instead. I also changed the o/s/r driveshaft as the wheel bearing in this was completely shot! Hopefully, that's the cause of the vibration. (A test drive will follow when time allows!)  I finished off by topping up the diff oil as well. 
This car is now entered for a Grass track Autosolo at Latchingdon on 21st August. This will be the first event for the car whilst in my ownership. Lets hope all goes well! One thing's for sure, it'll definitely be the scruffiest thing there! :-)


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