Monday, 25 July 2011

Sunday 24th July - A busy and successful day!

Recent running issues with 'Gertie' led me to purchase a brand new sports ignition coil and a new set of spark plugs to see if the misfiring issue could be resolved. I was hoping that the coil would have arrived on Friday 22nd but it didn't, so I ended up fitting a spare second hand one I had laying around. I also fitted the new set of plugs late Friday night but then due to going to the 'All Wolseley and Austin Westminster' Banger race meeting at Eastbourne on Saturday, the test drive would have to wait until the Sunday when I had more time.
Thankfully, the test drive proved to be successful and Gertie is running without fault again. Overtaking an M5 BMW at 90 mph on the A130 gave me a great deal of pleasure and it felt good to be using her again. I'm going to start using this car more regularly (I've been using the estate a lot lately) as I need to gain more confidence in her and iron out any impending issues in time for the Club Triumph 10CR in September.

Speaking of the estate, with Gertie now done and ready to use, I finally had time to fit the brand new Chris Witor semi sport exhaust system that I bought about a month ago. Unusually, removal of the old system was easy and no bolts or clamps managed to shear or snap off! With the exhaust out of the way, I also replaced the propshaft with a reconditioned and freshly balanced unit I had had prepared in readiness.
After a few hours, the new exhaust was in place and a start up revealed a most beautiful noise. A quick test drive was also successful and there was no evidence of the exhaust banging on the floor anywhere or 'clinking in the wrong places, so no adjustments had to be made.
All of my cars now have Chris Witor sports exhaust systems. The full sport system is too loud and 'booming' for the estate so he does a semi sport system. (It has an extra silencer)
So when I'm driving the saloons I have a 'full on' but when I'm in the estate I only have a semi! ;-)

With Gertie and the estate finished I turned my hand to the Yellow car. As in my last post the rear suspension bushes had been found to be dead and buried and a brand new pair of Superflex ones had been ordered. Fitting these was fairly straight forward and only took about an hour or so. I would loved to have taken the car for a test drive after, but the bloke who won the Rally car on ebay is messing me about and still hasn't collected it yet, so its stuck in front of the garage door where yellow lives. With Gertie also sitting in the back garden it would have meant moving two cars out in the front garden to get Yellow out and then put them all away again after. To be honest it had been a long day by then and I just couldn't be bothered.
The sun was still shining and the day was still warm, so I just sat on the patio, had a cup of tea and pondered on my successful day!

(New superflex suspension bush on 'Yellow')

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