Thursday, 7 July 2011

Saturday & Sunday 2nd & 3rd July-

Before I got on with the mundane task of putting my engine back together on 'Gertie' The Grey Mk1 saloon, I decided to replace the plain standard rocker box cover on my estate with a nice alloy one. I also decided to adjust the tappets while it was off. It has had a couple of noisy tappets for a while, but these were now starting to get on my nerves, so the time was due.
These are quite an easy task on Triumphs so before too long, the car was back together and running nice and quiet again. 

Once this was done, I then proceeded to put the cylinder head (Complete with new valves) back on the Mk1. With this done I then decided it was pointless to put the down pipe back on the exhaust manifold when I had a complete new sports exhaust system to fit, so I started to do this as well. By Saturday evening the new exhaust was fitted and the engine back together and ready for starting. It did start, but not too well, but as I had a party to go to, the garage door was closed and I decided to continue the next day.
Sunday continued with the replacement of points, condenser, distributor cap, resetting of ignition timing and checking of the diaphragm's in both Stromberg carburettors. The only thing I haven't yet tried replacing is the ignition coil, so that's next on the agenda. if that doesn't work............I don't know! I've ran out of ideas!!

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