Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tuesday 19th July- Yellow car catch up!

While waiting for new parts to arrive for 'Gertie' I decided to do some investigation work on my yellow Mk1. I'd noticed recently (On the rare occasions that it's been out that is!) that I had quite a severe clunking noise from the nearside rear. I suspected that the rear subframe bush was causing the problem. With the car supported on axle stands and the subframe allowed to hang down it was revealed that this indeed was the problem.
As seen in the pic above the bush has broken away from the metal sleeve that holds it in place. Removal of the bush then took place (it put up a fight as usual!) and once it was out of the car the true cause of the problem was revealed.

The one piece bush turned out to be in three pieces! No wonder I had such a nasty clunking noise whenever I went over a bump or hole in the road!

 I then removed the off side bush as well, but this side was actually ok. This used to be a track day car and as most race circuits are raced in a clock wise direction no doubt the pressure of the car leaning on its nearside most of the time had taken its toll. So, two new polyeurethane bushes were ordered (there's no point just doing the one side, you have to do both really) and so now I have both Mk1's stood up awaiting parts!

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