Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saturday 30th July - Nothing but grief!!!!!

Not good news to report. Various recent driving about in Gertie has high lighted possible serious engine issues. The car is already booked in to have its gearbox rebuilt in a few weeks time, but the engine has developed a 'rumbling' noise that could possibly be the big end bearings on the way out.
This has thrown my plans into total chaos as I now really don't know what to do regarding the 10 countries run that I'm due to do in September.
I did an oil and filter change and used Valvoline VR1 20/50 grade. This raised the oil pressure by 10 pounds on the rally car when I used it last, so hopefully it will do the same on Gertie. I'm doing a classic car run on Sunday so I'll see how she performs on that. I really don't fancy trying to find a good engine and having to fit it by September!
With doubts over Gertie, I started looking to 'Yellow' as a back up car. I fitted new suspension bushes the other week, but due to the Rally Car being stuck in front of the garage (Its now been collected at last!) I hadn't test driven it. A test drive difference at all! Bloody hell!!! Further investigation will be needed! I also still haven't cured the vibration that starts at 70mph onwards. More drive train work needed as well then!
On the way back and at the end of my road I stopped to talk to one of my neighbours. After a brief chat, Yellow then decided to totally embarrass me by refusing to start! The ignition lights came on but she just wouldn't turn over. After walking home to get my hammer, a swift clout on the starter motor got it going again. This has happened a few times now, so I decided to remove the starter motor so I could get it repaired. This was easier said then done. Although the starter motor was completely unbolted and all wires and cables were free, I couldn't get the bloody thing out! It's a high torque starter motor for the high compression engine and bigger than a normal motor. The car also has a 6-3-1 exhaust manifold which is bigger than the normal one and there is no room to get the starter out! I'm either going to have to take the carbs off to get it out through the front or take the exhaust manifold off to get it out through the bottom.
By now I had had enough, so it was time to close the bonnet, close the garage door and go and have a shower. Work will resume another day when I'm in a better mood!

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