Sunday, 17 July 2011

Saturday 16th July - all is still not well!

I had a bit of a late start this morning due to a 'short' visit by a mate which ended up with us getting the guitars out and it turning into a bit of a 'jamming' session. It was good fun though, but by the time we'd finished it was gone lunch time.
So, a trip into the garage ensued where preparations for the 10CR continued with 'Gertie'. Gertie is still running on standard headlights and with one of the nights on the 10CR being a 'drive through' some extra lighting will be required. A set of spot lights had been salvaged from the rally car and were fitted. Additional relays will be needed to cope with the spotlights, but I didn't have any so the wiring can wait another day.
After her tune up from Carlow engineering she had ran beautifully but all I had done was driven her home and that was it. So I decided to take her for a proper drive and enjoy here a bit more. The first part of the drive was ok, but after about ten minutes she began to misfire and run sick again!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!
On opening the bonnet I also noticed a very small oil leak between the cylinder head and the block at the front of the engine. A re-torque may cure this, but if not it could be a faulty head gasket and the head will have to come off again! As for the misfire, the only things I haven't replaced with brand new items are the coil and the spark plugs. I shall therefore purchase new items of these and then if it still doesn't run right............ I think I'll set light to it and push it off a cliff!!!!

Gertie with her new spotlights.

Some sound safety advice for passengers in the track car.

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