Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday 25th October. Work continues!

Work continued on Gertie tonight with fitting a rear spotlight. The next rally is a night time one and it helps to have bit of assistance with rearward vision! Therefore a spotlight was fitted to the rear bumper and wired in accordingly.

With this done I moved onto the engine bay and refitted the thermostat that I removed at the San Bernadino pass in Switzerland on the 10CR. The engine and radiator have now been flushed out, so I shouldn't have anymore overheating issues. Plus, it's much milder now than it was in early September and we also wont be climbing any mountains on this run. Hopefully refitting the thermostat will also improve the heater in the car as well as these early Triumphs are not great at keeping you warm!
        After these two jobs I moved back onto 'Yellow' again and fitted the remaining refurbed driveshaft. This car now has two brand new rear wheel bearing and new universal joints across the back end. I'm quite looking forward to test driving it now to see how it goes.

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