Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Saturday 22nd October - A Non-triumph day!

My partner and navigator on my last rally Amanda had recently taken her car, a Hyundai Coupe' into a garage where she had been quoted an extortionate price to have new brakes discs and pads fitted all round. Being the gentleman I am (!) I offered to do the job for her. She had also been given a price of £227.00 for the parts, but after a quick shop around I managed to find all of the same parts for £117.00 including delivery. It just goes to show how much you can save if you spend a bit of time looking!

With the tools at the ready, the job was started and before long I had the fronts done. Amanda had certainly had her money's worth out of the original pads I'll say that for her. You can see from the pics below how little 'meat' the pads had left on them!

With the front brakes finished I started on the rears. This was a bit more tricky due to finding a siezed caliper on the near side. With a bit a persuasion I managed to free it off and get the piston retracted enough to fit the new rear pads in and then put the car back together.
All in all it wasn't a bad job. The car then ferried us successfully to a work colleagues party that night in Southend and also passed it's MOT the following Tuesday! Result!
 (New disc and pad)

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