Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday 17th October - A new heart for Gertie!

As in the previous post my Green estate was used in a navigational rally rather than one of the Mk1 saloons. The reason for this was due to the winning bid of a 2.5pi engine on ebay. The engine was in Bourne End in Buckinghamshire and seeing as we were in that county for the rally, it made sense to take the estate and collect it. The engine was loaded into the back of the estate and transported home, and due to the time, was left in the car until Monday night.

With Mondays work out of the way the next task was to remove the engine from the car, set the engine stand up and mount the engine on the engine stand.

The engine was purchased for Gertie. On the recent 10CR run she did well but I did feel that she could have done with more power. I'll be dropping the sump off shortly to inspect the big end bearings and crankshaft and I'm hoping to have the engine ready to go in Gertie over the Christmas break.
         Before this is all done though, Gertie has another trip abroad to make in the form of the 23rd Nachtrit Rally. (Dutch for 'Night run')
This will take us into Belgium, Holland and Germany using 'tulip diagrams'. It starts Saturday evening and runs through to early hours Sunday morning and will be taking place on the weekend of the 5th & 6th November. Watch this space!  

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