Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday 2nd October - Club Triumph Autosolo.

A blistering hot day saw Dave and I making our way to Bovingdon airfield for the CT Autosolo. With lots more cars in our class than the previous year, the competition was going to be a lot more serious. We decided to take the yellow car as it is the kind of thing that it was really built for.
The car was performing on song and by the half way stage we were featuring well in the results. Dave was coming 5th in class and I was coning 2nd in class.
 I also didn't realise how good my car sounded. Because I'm normally always the driver, I don't hear it from the outside going at speed. Several people even asked me if it had a V8 engine in it because it sounds so much like one! (It's actually a straight six) 
               In the second half Dave was pushing himself to try and improve his placing so much so that there was a danger of him catching me up! I therefore had to raise my game a tad and try and keep ahead of him. We both kept up the pace and when the results were announced, we were both delighted to learn that we had both picked up trophies for our efforts. Dave had moved up to third and due to still not being able to beat a very quick 2.5PI, I had to make do with 2nd in class.

Dave Saunders

Kingrat himself. 

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