Monday, 10 October 2011

Sunday 9th October. Continued efforts on Gertie!

With last weeks autosolo out of the way, I reverted back to the continued efforts of trying to locate the vibration the Gertie emits at around 70mph. So far (and amongst upgrading the steering etc) I have changed the wheels, tyres, steering rack, track rod ends, front springs, struts, gearbox crossmember and the propshaft.
With all these done  and it still making no difference I decided to look at the rear driveline. I started to look at the drive shafts and while fiddling around underneath, I noticed that all eight driveshaft bolts were loose! (Four on each side) So, I tightened these up and took the car for a test run. To my dismay, it was still the same. (I really thought this was the problem!)
Next on the agenda was changing the drivers side rear drive shaft and hub. A test drive ensued, but again, there was no difference and the vibration was still present. Back into the garage again and this time I changed the nearside driveshaft and hub. Another test drive followed (I was getting low on petrol now!) but once again, it made no difference. In desperation I then decided to remove the differential. It had to come out anyway as the rear oil seal had gone and was leaking, but as a process of elimination, I fitted my spare 2.5 diff. Now, this is not a five minute job, so after a long day of laying under a car with grease, oil, underseal, and crap falling on my clothes, in my hair and up my nose, the spare diff was in place and a test drive (after a shower) difference!
I'm getting quite despondent now and quickly running out of things to try or change. I'm going to try a few more things and then I think it will have to go into a specialist for them to look at. Because it's now starting to drive me insane!

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