Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Monday 24th October. Back to the Triumphs!

With the weekend now gone (Saturday was spent working on a Hyundai and Sunday was spent cutting down my tree!) it was time to play 'catch up' with the Triumphs.
With the impending Belgium, Holland and German rally only a fortnight away, a few jobs are required on 'Gertie', my chariot for the event. First on the list was to fit a new radio ariel after some kind soul snapped mine off outside Tesco's the other week. With this done I turned my attention to the nearside front suspension. I've noticed a bit of a small clonking noise lately that's only been there since I swapped the ball joints over. So I removed the second hand one I'd put on and fitted  a brand new one.

With this done I decided to start to return 'Yellow' back to the road as a back up car and refit the refurbed driveshafts that I've recently had done. I got the passenger side done but by that time it was 21.15, so I decided to call it a day and go indoors for a shower and dinner. Work will continue tomorrow!

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