Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday 26th September- Dixie air horns for yellow and a makeover for Gertie!

During the recent 10CR where I managed to get two punctures, I ended up borrowing somebody else's wheel. The wheel I borrowed was painted in a creamy white and when fitted on my car, I thought it looked much better than the silver TR6 wheels I already had on there.
So, one by one I have been rubbing my wheels down and respraying them in 'Rover Leyland White'. I have only managed to do two at present, but I really like the new look. I just need to find the time to do the other three now.
old look

New look.

            The Club Triumph autosolo is taking place this Sunday and for a bit of 'merriment' Dave and I thought that some 'Dixie' air horns would provide a bit of amusement. So with the air horns fitted Saturday, it was Dave's task to sort out the 'electrickery' side of things.
           Dave arrived about 7.30pm amidst a torrential downpour and promptly proceeded to do his usual thing of stripping suitable bits of wire off of an old wiring loom and throw all the unwanted bits of wire and used black tape all over my recently swept garage floor.
          After much banter and p*ss taking between us the job was jobbed and a test 'blast' took place. This didn't go too well as all the ignition lights went dim and the amp meter needle nearly broke out through the glass on the gauge! Something not quite right there then! Dave then repositioned some on the wiring on the relay and the high decibel horns then blasted into life and set next doors dog off! Good! I hope it woke the poxy thing up like it does me at six in the morning!

This pic is of Dave holding his belly in after I called him a fat F*cker after taking the first photo! Can you see the difference in the two pics?  He'll kill me when he sees this! :-)    

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