Friday, 2 September 2011

Thursday 1st September. Replacement driveshaft.

         When driving to and from the recent autosolo in 'old yellow' I noticed quite a severe vibration at around 35 and 70 mph. Now I know it's not the propshaft that's causing it as this was recently balanced, so my suspicions point to the offside rear driveshaft. I did change this before the event, but the spare one I fitted was obviously worn as well.
            The problem is, the only spare driveshafts I have at the moment are all second hand ones from cars that are long gone. So anything I fit is going to be a gamble. the other problem is that the rear hubs are so difficult to pull apart. I've tried various different hub pullers with no success at all. I need to find someone with a press so I can pull them apart and replace the bearings myself. You can buy reconditioned hubs, but they are around the £200 per time mark! And ideally, I need six of them for my three cars!!!!! 

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