Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Monday 29th August - Lighting and spares!

Bank Holiday saw a visit from me old mucker Dave who was wiring the spot lights up for me on Gertie. A 'drive through' will be the the order of the day on the first day of the 10CR,  (This means we drive through the night)  So some additional lighting was the order of the day.
Dave plodded on with the lights while I made some final adjustments to seats I had fitted over the previous two days. Once the spotlights were fitted, we then had the same problem as before with the ignition light coming on. It's highly unlikely that I've been sent another duff  alternator so maybe I have an electrical issue elsewhere! Grrrr.....! Not what I wanted so close to the 10CR!

         Another thing I did while Dave was doing the lights was organised my spares for the rally. With ten countries to get through and close on 2,800 miles to cover, I'm not taking too many chances. My spares stock is fairly comprehensive as the limited space in my boot will justify.  (see pic below)

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