Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sunday 4th September - Counting down the days!

4 Days left to go until we leave for Europe! Not quite in 'panic' mode, but I do have a few jobs I want to check over before our high mileage trip. The tappets were the first job of the day. I felt they could have been quieter, so a quick adjust with the engine warm was carried out.
The next job was to put the road tax stickers in the car for Austria and Switzerland. These had to be purchased in a advance and cost 34 Euros for the Swiss one, (A year is the shortest period you can buy!) but only 8 Euros for the Austrian one. (A two week period I think) See pics below of the stickers
The next job was to check out the wiring. I had noticed recently that the heater and reversing lights could operate without the ignition being switched on. My trusty mate & co driver Dave was good enough to help me me investigate and we soon realised that some of the wires on the fuse box had been connected to the wrong tabs. With the help of the workshop manual, we soon had the wires in the right place and everything was working as it should again. Perfect!
With these jobs sorted out I called it a day and went down to the Triumph 2000 register Essex to meet a few like minded Triumph bods. A good night was had by all and everyone wished me well for the impending adventure!  

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