Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September 6th. Good vibrations????

OMG! 2 days to go!!  The parts from Chris Witor arrived today so I went straight into the garage to get them fitted. When  I was under the car the other day, (I can't remember why I was under the car - I just was!) I saw that there was very little evidence of any bushes between the gearbox cross member and the floor. The car has a very slight vibration that creeps in at about 75-80 mph. (and if any policeman are reading this, it comes in at 65-70mph!) So I'm wondering if the lack of bushes is what's causing it.
With this in mind, new Superflex bushes were purchased and I ventured under the car again to get them fitted.
With this job done, that really is it now. I'm not doing else before the run. The spares and tools have been loaded, the correct paperwork has been checked and the bags have been packed. Tomorrow night will be a relaxing night away from the car and garage and I'll be enjoying some peace time before the early start and the start of the run on Thursday morning. For all of the hard work I've done, I'm going to enjoy myself. And you can read about it on my return! :-)

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