Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sunday 18th to Wednesday 21st September - Post 10CR issues.

           With the recent Club Triumph 10CR now over, I can sort out one or two minor niggles that became evident on the run. The first one was a vibration that starts at about 70 mph and seems to be coming from the front of the car. I removed the propshaft to inspect the universal joints to inspect them and sure enough, the front one did seem to have movement. However, fitting my spare propshaft and taking the car for a test drive showed this not to be the issue as the car was no different at all and the vibration was still there. Back to the drawing board! The steering column bush and the front wheel bearings are the next to be checked.
         With the hot running engine in mind I also flushed out the radiator and engine block. I flushed this out forwards and backwards to try and get all the crap out. To be honest, not as much came out as I expected, so I may just need to have the radiator re-cored. An electric fan was purchased from ebay so hopefully this will aid cooling as well.
        Also, on the drive home from Dover on the previous Monday I also noticed that the overdrive was taking longer and longer to cut in. I could also smell burning oil every minute or so at around 70mph, so I decided to check the oil level in the gearbox.To my dismay had to put close on a litre in to get it to the correct level. Further inspection revealed leakage although I couldn't see exactly where from. The gearbox had recently been removed and rebuilt, so I took it back over to the company that did the work. The mechanic found a couple of broken spring washers and thought that the oil could be seeping through them, but doubted it. I have to keep an eye on it over the next week or so, but if its still leaking, then they will take the car back in and the box will have to come back out again for further investigation. Despite the issues though, I do like this car and get a great buzz when driving it. =)


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