Friday, 15 April 2011

Sunday April 10th-Trial fitting the roll cage!

The trial fitting of the roll cage to 'Yellow' was, to say the least, a testing experience! The idea was, to fit it, ensure it was the right cage for the car, remove it again, then paint it, then refit it. To do this, the entire interior needed to be removed, including the carpets and the seat belts.
After three hours of removing the interior, putting two holes in the headlining, cracking the dashboard and sweating about three gallons of best salt water, it was in.
Its a good fit, but now it's in I have to confess to having second thoughts about it. Its a good safety feature, but it also takes a lot of the comfort factor away. With the roll cage fitted it also means you can't have carpets or rear seats. Without the rear seats all you can hear is the petrol sloshing about in the tank and having no carpets and insulation with a full sport exhaust system will be a tad loud!  It also means climbing over the drivers side frame every time you get in the car, rather than just jumping in and going. So after all this, it might be coming out and going back to where it came from. i.e. Ebay!!! I'll have to have a good think about it! :-/

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