Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday 30th April- We have a pass!!!!!!!!!!

With the MOT booked for 11.30 I had time to sort out one or two last minute jobs. First job was to put some 'Wynns Stop Leak' fluid into the power steering reservoir and the second was to give the car a damn good wash.
I also suddenly realised that although I have owned this car since last summer, I have never really driven it far enough to get above second gear! A few laps round the local industrial estate soon fixed this and also revealed that it has a grumbling noise at around 60mph.....Err...I mean 30mph, (I always stick to the speed limits!)  and also that when the overdrive on the gear stick engages, it sends 12 volts up through my left arm rather than down to the gearbox! Neither of these are MOT failures though, so I wasn't that concerned.
The MOT test went well and resulted in a pass. At one point in recent months this never looked likely. The rot and rust I was beginning to find in this car very nearly condemned it to the scrap yard. However, after driving it today and experiencing how good it felt, I was glad I continued with it. Its very fast and sounds awesome! :-)  

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