Monday, 25 April 2011

April 24th-Easter Sunday!

The first chore of the day today was to load the estate up with a load of old crap from the loft and run it down to the tip. I took some tools with me as the estate has recently gone back to its issue of a year ago. I.e. the fuel line blocking up again. It's not too much of an issue, just bloody annoying. Everytime it happens, I have to undo the fuel line under the bonnet and blow down it until it clears the obstruction! I have another load of old crap to run down to the tip tomorrow, so it'll be another good test for it. And if it breaks down, I can leave the bloody thing there!

Saturday saw a run up to Cambridgeshire in the Beemer to collect a replacement petrol tank for the Rally car.  The car it came out of was already stripped, so it didnt take long to remove it. Once the trip to the tip this morning had been completed, the tank was fitted. Hopefully, there will be no more petrol smells in the car now. Even Peter noticed the petrol smell on the HCR because he said when he burped on the Sunday morning it tasted of petrol! Good job he doesn't smoke! :-) 
With the tank now fitted the car was now drivable again and I turned it round so I could do a bit more prepwork on the drivers side ready for the new paint. It was a bit of a challenge reversing it in and out of the garage and garden gates with no mirrors on it, but the manoeuvre was completed  successfully without causing damage to next doors walls or injuries to a neighbours cat!

With all the main jobs now done this weekend, I still have another day off before I return to work, (and thats only for three days, then I have another four days off!) so tomorrow I'm going to spend tidying the garage up so that the yellow car no longer looks like a work bench! (See pic below!)

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