Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday 27th March- A long day and a lot of miles!

9am Sunday morning (8am really because of the the clocks going forward!) saw my mate Paul knocking on my door ready to take a trip up to Norfolk to collect yellow. Unlike last weekend, when I was still in my bath robe and eating a bowl of ready brek when he arrived, this time I was ready and we set out for our first stop in Frating, in Essex.
The guy doing the work on my car had bought one from another Club Triumph member (Well, two of them actually) so a deal was struck to deliver this one up to him and collect my one at the same time.
The trusty 525TDS BMW was pressed into service this time although we had to amend the tow bar wiring before we left Frating as Dave had got it wrong! (Unusual for Dave I have to say). The part owner of the car we were delivering (Colin) sorted this out while Paul was pratting about with his camcorder filming Colins cat! (I have no idea why, so dont ask!)
We took a steady drive up to Wymondham while listening to a Slade-Greatest Hits CD, took this p*ss out of most thngs and moaned about what was left. We landed at our destination at around lunchtime and after swapping cars over and a short chat, we headed back. We decided not hang around as I had to get the car all the way back to mine yet and then return the borrowed trailer to Goldhanger in Essex.   
So, yellow is now safely stored away in the garage where MOT work will commence after the Historic Counties Rally next weekend. There's still some bodywork and paint work to do, but I still have to find replacement front doors, bonnet and bootlid yet.

The BMW did it's maiden towing journey today and I have to say, Paul and I were very impressed with it. I can honestly say, it did just as well as the Pajero that I recently borrowed and we were hard pushed to tell the difference between the two. I was thinking of selling the Beemer and looking for a bigger vehicle to cope with towing duties, but after today, I think I'll stick with my fine piece of German engineering!

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