Wednesday, 23 March 2011

March 23rd. Tow bar wiring and boredom!

While waiting for Dave the Co-driver's visit tonight, I got bored enough to decide wash the wheels on the green estate. These were the wheels on the rally car when we did the Club Triumph Round Britain Run last October and I don't think they've been washed since. (How lazy am I?)
I like this car, but it really needs a specialist tune up. Once the HCR is out of the way, I intend to finally get the carburettors sorted out on it and make it a pleasure to drive again.
Dave's starring role tonight was to once again wire up a tow bar for me. Not on a Triumph this time, (The estate already has one, and the two saloon's don't even have bumpers, let alone tow bars!) but on the BMW. I may need to collect 'Yellow' the Mk1 from Norfolk at the weekend and I'm not able to borrow the Pajero I borrowed last time, (Because it's up for sale!)  so the 'beemer' will have to do the job. A tow bar was purchased last weekend, fitted Sunday morning and is now ready to do the job if needed.
After two cups of tea, talking about the old days and grumping about the present days, the job was done. Dave even asked where the bin was to throw old bits of wire into!!!!! He normally just throws them all over the garage floor! I nearly fainted!

Dave still wearing his 'day release prison uniform'!

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