Tuesday, 8 March 2011

March 3rd & 4th - Rally car welding continued!

With the floor pan now welded it was time to move onto the out rigger and sill. As you can see from the above pic, the sill was completely rotten at the back and the bottom of the front wing wasn't much better. As I am still a novice at welding, my mate from Cambridgeshire came down for a few days to give me a hand.
I booked a couple of days off work to fit in with Pete's time off and we probably couldn't have picked a colder two days to work 10 hour days in the garage!
Apart from the down side of running out of welding gas and being stung big time when it came to buying more, the two days was a success.
The work was finally completed about 8pm on the Friday night and it was so cold Peter had to scrape the ice of his windscreen before he left for home! I carried on until 9.30pm and did some other pre-mot checks (The car was booked for MOT Saturday morning) and hoovering out all the grinding dust and paint dust! I decided to call it a day when I couldn't feel my hands or feet anymore!
Saturday morning loomed and the car was so filthy I had to wash it twice. (It still had the mud and dirt on it from the Essex Rally and now had a serious coating of grinding dust as well!)
Anyway, later that morning I had an MOT pass certificate, so all jolly good!

In the next thrilling instalment..........the Green estate goes for MOT as well!  

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