Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday March 19th. Been to see my baby!

I had to take a trip up to Norfolk today to deliver some more new panels up to where my car was and to discuss a few other problems that have been discovered.
A mate of mine, Paul Fretwell, came with me and performed his usual trick of not bringing any money with him. Luckily though, he brought some food with him so all was ok. (He gets grouchy if he hasn't eaten for more than 2 hours!)
We started off by dropping off and picking up some bits and pieces at another mates house in Frating (Or Farting as I like to call it) in Essex and then carried on up to Wymondham in Norfolk.
After looking at my baby and discussing some other options, we then stopped off at Diss, also in Norfolk on the way home to collect a tow bar for my BMW. (Another Ebay purchase and another job for this week!)
Lots of jobs to do now this week, so I'm going to be plenty busy!

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